Ukrainian police detain Russian who escaped from custody at airport.

Police in Ukraine's Kyiv region have detained a Russian citizen who escaped from custody while being transported to a temporary detention facility, Kyiv regional police have reported on Facebook.

"Kyiv regional police have promptly detained a fugitive Russian," the report reads.

The police said that a culprit from Russia, who had previously been detained at an airport, had escaped from custody while being transported to a temporary detention facility.

The report notes that the personnel of the Vasylkiv police department, additional forces from adjacent territorial police units, patrols, and special forces were immediately engaged in the search for the man.

Law enforcement officers maximally blocked the area in all possible directions where the fugitive could go, and such measures did not allow the culprit to escape far.

"The public, who also assisted in the search for the culprit, spotted an identified man in the outskirts of Vasylkiv who was fleeing from them. People immediately reported this to the police," the report says.

The fugitive was caught in the field and detained. He will be remanded to a temporary detention facility, where he will await a court ruling on the selection of a measure of restraint.

Police opened criminal proceedings under Article 393 (escaping from prison or from custody) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The article provides for imprisonment of three to five years.


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