Russia’s missile boat invades Ukraine’s maritime zone.

State Border Service

A Russian guided-missile boat has invaded Ukraine's exclusive offshore zone at the Odesa gas field. The press service of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported it.

Thus, during patrol, the Ukrainian Maritime Guard, with the support of border aviation, surveyed areas of gas condensate fields and found captured self-lifting floating drilling rigs "Ukraine" (renamed the "Crimea-1") and "Tavrida". Flags of the aggressor country are raised on the drilling rigs.

As it was approaching the field for 5 nautical miles, Navy watchdog identified patrol boat of Black Sea Fleet nearby.

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As we reported earlier, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba believes that Russia tries to manipulate the COVID-19 pandemic in order to get sanctions against it lifted on.

“This is manipulation because the EU has imposed sanctions not because of a coronavirus, but because of Russia's aggression against Ukraine. Accordingly, they can only be related to Russia's fulfillment of its obligations in the context of the peaceful settlement and de-occupation of the Ukrainian territories of Donbas and Crimea,” Kuleba stated during his conversation with his Danish counterpart Jeppe Kofod.

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