Covid 2019: Diamond Princess quarantine to end on February 16.

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The Diamond Princess cruise ship with 174 infected people on board will be released from quarantine on February 19, CNN reports, citing operator Princess Cruises.

Around 3,700 people from 50 different countries have been held on board since February 4.

As it was stated by the company's executive vice president Rai Caluori, the highest priority is "providing guests and crew with their prescription medications, and more than 2,000 prescriptions have been brought on board."

At this moment, a team of seven pharmacists is assisting with the delivery of medication to guests.

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As we reported earlier, the evacuation of Ukrainians from Hubei province has been postponed. Currently, there are ongoing preparations for the next stage to take place.

According to Ukraine's Minister of Health, the Ukrainian side examines medical facilities that are supposed to host the patients for a two-week-long quarantine.

"These are not healthcare facilities, they are health resorts. After exploring the possibility of redeveloping these facilities into temporary observatories, the final location will be determined. Discussions are underway, some technical guidelines, recommendations on the properties this institution should have, on how the security should be organized, on how certain equipment should be provided have already been developed. Once these establishments are inspected, we will determine the final location,” Acting Director-General of the Public Health Center of Ukraine’s Health Ministry Ihor Kuzin said.

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