10 food delivery services for those tired of pizza

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While pizza, burgers and sushi might be the most obvious choice of a hungry person who doesn’t want to go out, food delivery options are becoming more diverse. The Kyiv Post has prepared a list of Kyiv’s services to order oysters, khachapuri, hummus, noodles and more.

Hummus and falafel

Fans of hummus, a Middle Eastern dish made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, can order a delivery at www.humus.com.ua. The delivery costs Hr 35, while the price for the order should exceed Hr 150. Apart from hummus, the website offers falafel, a deep-fried ball from ground chickpeas, fava beans or both. The food is usually delivered within 1.5 hours, but it might take longer for big orders, because the food is only cooked after being ordered.

Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine has lately gained popularity in the capital. New restaurants are popping up across Kyiv and many deliver cheese-filled bread, known as khachapuri, or skewered meat right to one’s door. For instance, Khachapuri I Vino restaurant delivers food from 11 a. m. to 22 p. m. for free, but the order should be at least Hr 150. The menu is available at www.tarantino-family.com/delivery/hachapuri-i-vino/, the restaurant promises to deliver food within an hour.

Another restaurant, Georgian House, offers a large variety of Georgian dishes for delivery if the order is worth more than Hr 300. Delivery is free, one can order a dish at www.georgianhouse.com.ua/menu from 11 a. m. to 10 p. m. or by calling +38093–662–6767.

Chachapuri restaurant can deliver Georgian dumplings called khinkali or a variety of other dishes if the order is worth more than Hr 200. One can see the menu and delivery map at www.chacha.kiev.ua/delivery. To order, call +38–068–550–0404.


The founders of Budu Pozhe bar near Bessarabka Square in the heart of Kyiv created a service for cocktail delivery called Drinkville so one could order cocktails in 0.5-liter-bottles for home delivery. For now, there are only three cocktails available — Negroni, Boulevardier and Caneflower — or Hr 450 per bottle. To order, send a message to Drinkville’s page on Facebook (facebook.com/drinkville).


For those craving for some delicatessens, Ukrainian oyster farm Skifian Oysters offers an oysters delivery — one can order it once, subscribe to a weekly delivery or even order an oyster party with a catering. Skifian Oysters owns a farm in Odesa at the southwest of Ukraine, and boasts to have tender and affordable oysters. The price starts from Hr 33 for one oyster, while a 12-oyster set costs Hr 360, and the delivery — Hr 50. To order, go to www.skifian.com.ua or call +38063–999–2101.

Mexican food

Rojo Mexican Food restaurant offers the delivery of Mexican dishes such as taco, burrito, nachos and more from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. While the cost of the dishes varies at Hr 35–72, the delivery price starts from Hr 50, depending on the location. To order Mexican cuisine go to the www.rojofood.com or call +38095–288–9222.


The noodle craze has come to Ukraine a couple of years ago, and plenty of services offer noodles delivery. One among recently opened ones is Wokupp that offers noodles, soups and rice for Hr 90–130. One can also order a craft beer to suit the meal for Hr 55. The minimal cost for the order is Hr 150, the delivery is free. Wokupp delivery works from 10 a. m. to 10 p. m. Visit www.wokupp.com to order.

Another new service that specializes on the delivery of Asian food is Food Miles that delivers noodles or other Asian dishes within 45 minutes.

Visit foodmiles.com.ua to order a dish or call +38044–496–1919. that offers various types of noodles for Hr 90–110. The delivery is free, the minimal cost for an order is Hr 150. The service works daily 10 a. m.-9 p. m., the delivery takes no longer than an hour. To order, go to www.foodzilla.com.ua or call +38068–772–6969

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