Lockdown measures may be toughened in 13 regions of Ukraine – Stepanov.

The regional commissions dealing with manmade and environmental disasters and emergency situations in 13 regions of Ukraine will make decisions regarding the toughening of lockdown measures, Health Minister of Ukraine Maksym Stepanov has said.

"Under conditions of the adaptive lockdown we have witnessed a sharp increase [in the number of coronavirus cases], a rise in the number of new cases, a worsening of the dynamics, a sharp increase in the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients – these criteria were determined in our instruction, and they have increased in 13 regions of our country. These are western regions and Kyiv, therefore the chief doctors of these regions will make respective inquiry and the regional commissions dealing with manmade and environmental disasters and emergency situations will make decisions on the toughening of lockdown measures in the territories or one or another region," he said.

The measures could be toughened for public transport services, sports facilities, fitness centers, kindergartens and other facilities, the minister said.

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