Schoolgirl, 12, died of cardiac arrest as she waited an HOUR for an ambulance to arrive despite GP demanding one within eight minutes

The Sun

A SCHOOLGIRL died of cardiac arrest as she was forced wait an hour for an ambulance to arrive despite her GP demanding one within eight minutes. Ffion Jones, 12, from Cardiff, Wales, was taken to see her GP by her worried mum after suffering a mystery illness. She had an elevated heart rate, fast...

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Comedian Andy Dick hunted by cops ‘for groping Uber driver’ as footage of him repeatedly grabbing Ivanka Trump on TV resurfaces

The Sun

POLICE have launched a manhunt for comedian Andy Dick after he allegedly groped an Uber driver. The 53-year-old from South Carolina, is accused of reaching over and grabbing a male driver’s crotch, according to reports. His latest arrest war...

Meghan Markle speaks about her race for the first time as a royal telling South African teens ‘I’m here as a woman of colour and as your sister’

The Sun

MEGHAN MARKLE told teenagers today in a township “I’m here as a woman of colour and as your sister” during the South Africa royal trip. The Duchess of Sussex spoke to the youngsters on the first day of the visit with Prince Harry...

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry give powerful speech on gender-based violence in South Africa

Global News

South Africa recently declared femicide a national crisis, with a government report finding one woman is murdered in the country every three hours.

Asthma and hay fever drug montelukast ‘can cause suicidal thoughts and hallucinations’

The Sun

A COMMON asthma drug can cause suicidal thoughts and hallucinations, experts have warned. Doctors are being told to be alert to potentially dangerous side effects in their patients. Night terrors & hallucinations Nightmares, trouble sleeping, depr...

Dangerous Momo challenge may have ‘played a part’ in death of boy, 13, found hanged at his home

The Sun

A CORONER questioned today whether the infamous Momo Challenge played a part in the death of a teen who was found hanged at his home. Tragic Luke Bunce, 13, was found dead by his mum, Stephanie, after she returned home from a short trip to Tesco o...