Coronavirus: Over 4K recovering patients discharged, sent to New York nursing homes.

The Associated Press compiled its own tally to find out how many COVID-19 patients were discharged from hospitals to nursing homes under the March 25 state directive.

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St. Albert woman stuck in Peru calls on government for help getting home

A St. Albert woman stuck in Peru since early March says she fears for her life due to COVID-19 conditions in that country. She is pleading with the federal government for help.

Officer charged with murder in George Floyd’s death had knee on his neck for nearly 9 minutes.

Floyd gradually grew unresponsive and ceased to move. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital a short time later.

No Decision On Next Launch Attempt For Historic SpaceX Crewed Mission.

A final decision on a launch attempt for SpaceX's milestone mission to the International Space Center on Saturday afternoon will take place after assessing the weather that morning, NASA chief Jim...

Coronavirus began spreading in U.S. in mid-January: CDC study

Anyone in the U.S. who thought they had the virus in December or early January probably had the flu, public health researchers said.

Coronavirus: France adds new cases, clusters as reopening plans announced.

The country's national health agency clarified Friday that the surprising new figures were the result of a new accounting method, and not linked to a much-feared second wave of the virus.

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