Chandra Grahan 2020: Dos And Don'ts To Keep In Mind During Lunar Eclipse.

Chandra Grahan 2020: Dos And Don'ts To Keep In Mind During Lunar Eclipse

2020 Chandra Grahan will be visible in India on Friday for 3 hours, 18 minutes (Representational)

Lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan occurs when the earth's shadow blocks sunlight. Chandra Grahan 2020 will be visible across the globe between June 5 and June 6. The lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan of 2020 is known as Strawberry Moon Eclipse

A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth and moon align in an almost straight line. The penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible on Friday for 3 hours and 18 minutes. It will begin at 11:15 pm on June 5 and will conclude at 2:34 am on June 6.

The eclipse will be visible from everywhere on the night side of the earth if the sky is clear. People in Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa may be able to see the Strawberry Moon turn a shade darker during the maximum phase of the eclipse.

Here's what you should do during Chandra Grahan 2020

  • Take bath before and after the Grahan period
  • Donate something in the name of Pitra along with donation and charity to the needy
  • One can chant holy mantras, especially pregnant women. It is said that the practice decreases the harmful impact of negative energy caused by the eclipse.
  • Add basil (tulsi) leaf to food items

Things to avoid during Chandra Grahan 2020

  • Do not eat and cook
  • In India, people also advise not to step out during the grahan or eclipse as it may radiate harmful rays
  • Chandra Grahan is also not considered an auspicious time to perform holy rituals


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