Economy ministry plans to amend procedure for supporting agrarian sector.


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Photo from UNIAN / by Volodymyr Hontar

Photo from UNIAN / by Volodymyr Hontar

Ukrainian Deputy Minister for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture Taras Vysotskyi says the ministry plans to amend the procedure for consulting agricultural sector to support it.

Read also Cabinet approves programs for development of vegetable production until 2025 "We'll definitely coordinate the issue with the sector and specialized associations. Following that, we'll initiate appropriate changes to the procedure of the Cabinet of Ministers," he wrote on Facebook on October 22.

Vysotskyi says the ministry is ready to work hard to improve and develop such activities in the country's agriculture sector.

"We see this is a critically important factor that allows our farmers to develop and boost their profitability, as well as becoming more successful and profitable," he added.

Investment in agricultural sector

Capital investment in Ukraine's agrarian sector in 2019 shrank by UAH 10.3 billion(US$364 million), or 15.8%, against 2018, to UAH 54.6 billion(US$1.9 billion).

Author: UNIAN

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