Over half of IDPs unemployed in Ukraine


54% of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) are not employed in Ukraine as Ukrainian News reported citing National Monitoring System on IDPs.

Only 46% of IDPs have paid work. Another 7% looking for a job, 24% are the pensioners, 15% take care of children, 4% are disabled people, 3% are students and 1% is unemployed people who do not look for a job.

Some of the IDPs who actively look for a job were unemployed for over four years or have never worked in their lives. On the result of the research, 29% of people were unemployed for a year, another 29% for over four years, 14% from a year to two, 8% from three up four years, 5% from two up to three years, another 5% of IDPs have never worked before.

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A lot of them refuse from the job due to the low payment, inconvenient work schedule, difficulties of reconciliation of work and family responsibilities or long way to the place of work.

“64% of the questioned IDPs noted lack of the possibilities during the employment, 56% noted low payment, 31% inconvenient work schedule, 27% absence of the positions, which meet the qualification, 20% difficulties of reconciliation of work and family responsibilities, 19% of long way to the place of work, 8% absence of knowledge and skills, 6% age discrimination, 6% restrictions due to health states, 5% discrimination due to IDPs status,” the message status.

The research took place was held in April-June 2019 and 6,474 IDPs in 24 regions of Ukraine in Kyiv participated in it.

As of August 5, 2019, Ukraine's Ministry of Social Policy has recorded 1.4 million internally displaced people from the occupied Donbas and the annexed Crimea since the beginning of the year.

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