Two teenagers busted with preparing terrorist attacks in Kerch.

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Two boys, the residents of Kerch in the annexed Crimea, were preparing to conduct a terrorist act in schools with the aid of homemade bombs. 360 TV channel reported that with the reference to the FSB, Russia's state security service.

The local police searched the apartments where the boys lived. They found the explosives that the youngsters bought on the Internet.

"They 'tested' the explosives on pets", the law enforcement agency claimed.

The FSB detained the youngsters. It turned out that in November 2018, one of the detainees had a preventive conversation with the police - after he approved the attack committed by Vladislav Roslyakov in Crimean school in October 2018. "In spite of this, he (the detained teenager, - 112 International) joined the internet community of the neo-Nazis, where Roslyakov used to belong", the special service reported.

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The teenagers were inspired by Roslyakov's attack; on October 17, 2018, he opened fire and conducted an explosion. The attack killed 21 people.

За даними слідства, 18-річний студент коледжу Владислав Росляков розстріляв з рушниці людей у навчальному закладі, окрім того, в будівлі стався вибух. Унаслідок нападу загинула 21 людина. Сам Росляков після вчинення злочину вкоротив собі віку.

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