Pope Francis urges to pray for peace in eastern Ukraine on the eve of Normandy format meeting.

Pope Francis

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Pope Francis said that he accompanies the Normandy format meeting with persistent prayer and urged everyone to pray for the positive results of the meeting in Paris. It is reported by Vatican News.

On Sunday, December 8, the pilgrims gathered at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican for the “Angel of the Lord” prayer. Pope Francis devoted a few words to the meeting of the Normandy Four leaders scheduled for Monday.

“Tomorrow in Paris there will be a meeting of the presidents of Ukraine, Russia and France and the German Federal Chancellor, known as Normandy format. Their goal is finding a solution to the painful conflict that has been going on for years in eastern Ukraine. I accompany the meeting with my prayer, persistent prayer, because this peace is needed, and I invite you to do the same so that this initiative of political dialogue leads to the fruits of peace in justice for these territories and their people," said the Pope.

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Earlier Pope Francis I has approved the way the talks between Ukraine and the Russian Federation were going. The Pontiff said so when speaking with reporters during the press conference in Japan.

"There are issues regarding the international equilibrium that I cannot judge right now. But everything that can be done to stop arms production, to stop wars, to encourage negotiation, with the help of mediators, must always be done, and it produces results. For example, the case of Ukraine and Russia wasn’t about weapons, but about negotiating a prisoner exchange, and this was positive. In Donbass, they are thinking about planning a different governmental regime. Discussions are underway. This is a positive step", the Pope said.

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