The best shower cleaners to keep your shower gleaming – and get rid of limescale.

IT’S EASY TO think that our shower is one of the cleanest spaces in our home. After all, it’s where we seek refuge to clean ourselves – and to get a few minutes’ calm and quiet away from the chaos of the day.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most bacteria-ridden spaces in the home: researchers have found that shower heads contain mycobacteria, which can cause lung infections. Yuck.

 The best shower cleaner will remove limescale and leave your shower sparkling

The best shower cleaner will remove limescale and leave your shower sparkling

It doesn't help that cleaning showers is tricky business: you'll want something to remove mould and limescale, a cleaner that can make your shower glass look sparkly clean and something that will help descale those tiles and clean out that grout.

Of course, we also want to clean all of those stainless steel fixtures - like the shower head.

It's as important to invest in the right brushes for shower cleaning as it is in the right products: a squeegee is the most effective tool for keeping shower glass clean, without needing to use super-potent chemicals like bleach.

Also, a squeegee is handy for cleaning the bathroom mirror as well.

Some shower cleaning products don't just clean up the mess that's there - they prevent limescale build-up from happening. Method's Daily Shower Cleaner does precisely that, and it's non-toxic to boot.

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1. Best shower cleaner for tiles

 Kilrock's Bath & Shower spray has legions of fans and works on cookers and toilet seats as well as showers

Kilrock's Bath & Shower spray has legions of fans and works on cookers and toilet seats as well as showersCredit: Amazon UK

This spray gel is ideal for getting grease, soap scum and surface limescale off of tiles - and these are the before and after shots to prove it. It's also fantastic on shower glass.

'This is the best cleaner EVER! No elbow grease involved. It clings to the shower screen/tiles so you don’t need to clean so often. By the way it works brilliantly in the kitchen too.

'My ceramic hob and aluminium sink have never looked so clean. And it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly,' says one reviewer.

  • (AD) Kilrock Black Shower Spray 500ml, for £6.95 on Amazon - buy here

2. Best shower cleaning tool

 These scrubbing brushes are great for cleaning those hard-to-reach spaces

These scrubbing brushes are great for cleaning those hard-to-reach spacesCredit: Amazon UK

Nobody thinks too much about grout. Until you look at the shower tiles, that is, where the white grout has gone grey or black. This brush set can help.

One reviewer likes that they're 'like giant toothbrushes... great not only for cleaning the grout, but for reaching in between the shower enclosure tray and and door'.

Another says they 'are fab for scrubbing in the nooks and tiles etc and getting the mouldy bits from in between the shower screen and around the neck of the taps etc.' The wiper blade can get dirt and hairs out of drains, too.

  • (AD) OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set, for £5.79 on Amazon - buy here

3. Best eco shower cleaner

 Method's non-toxic shower cleaner is plant-based

Method's non-toxic shower cleaner is plant-basedCredit: John Lewis

Method's shower spray is made from plant-based ingredients and is completely chemical-free. It keeps showers free from streaks and soap scum - and you don't even need to scrub.

Fans love that it cuts down on cleaning time - you spray it on after a shower and let it work its magic. Bonus points for the pleasant fragrance, too.

  • Method Shower Cleaner Spray, Ylang Ylang, for £2 on John Lewis - buy here

4. Best shower limescale remover

 Viakal is the bathroom cleaner favoured by cleaning professionals

Viakal is the bathroom cleaner favoured by cleaning professionalsCredit: Tesco

Viakal is powerful stuff, generally agreed to be the most effective limescale remover. Ever since fans saw Mrs. Hinch using it on everything shiny in her shower, people are loving the effect it has on shower heads, knobs and taps.

It works everywhere else too, including the kitchen. For encrusted limescale, leave it on for a few minutes before wiping the surface clean.

  • Viakal Spray 500Ml, for £1.50 on Tesco - buy here

5. Best all rounder shower cleaner

 Astonish works well on a variety of shower surfaces

Astonish works well on a variety of shower surfacesCredit: Amazon UK

This multi-tasking spray is a winner because it effectively dissolves limescale and soap scum build up (thanks to powerful ingredient, sodium hydroxide), but it's also a multi-tasker that can be used on ceramic, plastic, glass and stainless steel fixtures. See how it sparkles.

  • (AD) Astonish Bathroom Cleaner Spray 750ml Removes Limescale Soap Scum & Tough Stains, from £3.69 on Amazon - buy here

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