Solutions for the energy sector from Ecosoft

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Ecosoft is a strong international company that produces water filters since 1991 in Ukraine. We are proud of our full-circle production of water purification filters.

Ecosoft industrial portfolio included 746 completed projects by middle 2018. One of our successful projects was the largest in the European energetics industry solution for full water desalination with DOW membrane elements commissioned (at the Thermal Power Station № 6, Kyiv).

Due to the high degree of equipment wear our team drafted a proposal for a new water treatment technology that will be able to permit the need of power generating units with the supercritical pressure of 300 MW.

According to a project sediment filter was installed as a first stage to remove sand, dirt, scale, suspended matter. As a second stage was proposed ultrafiltration with the design of the elements — IntegraPack™ to reduce space by up to 30 %. 2-stage reverse osmosis system with i-LEC membrane elements was able to prepare water of appropriate quality for uninterrupted work of the electro-deionization system. As a result, the conductivity of water was 0.1 pS/sm that fitted for power generating units.

Using such technology, we achieved reduction of costs for treatment of 1 cubic meter of water from 17.4 to 2.9 UAH, the use of significantly smaller volume and concentration of reagents (2 times), full automation of the process and reduction of aggressive wastewaters discharge. Also, it will take only 3 years to return the investment.

Ecosoft company provides water purification solutions for food industry, chemical industry, agriculture. Numerous companies trust us because we are the leading European manufacturer of water treatment equipment.

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