Putin called tariffs for Ukrainian gas transit high and economically unacceptable.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready to maintain Ukrainian transit, but Kyiv’s offer for gas transit is so far economically unacceptable. Putin said this at a press conference after negotiations with the President of Serbia, Alexander Vučić, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

"I constantly repeat that we are ready to preserve Ukrainian transit. We are currently negotiating in Vienna. This is no secret. True, the conditions offered to us by possible Ukrainian transit countries are economically unacceptable. For now. But I hope that this is a requesting position - it will be possible to somehow coordinate the positions," - Putin noticed

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Gazprom’s chairman Alexei Miller also called Ukraine’s tariffs for gas transit to Europe since 2020 as “very, very high”. He added that they are significantly higher than those on which the parties are working now.

“We are in constant contact with the company, which in Ukraine should become an independent gas transportation operator, and our consultations are also held in Vienna. We are discussing an inter-operator agreement, we are discussing a transport agreement,” - he said.

As we reported, Ukraine may begin to receive the remuneration of compensation from Russia's Gazprom company already in April 2020.

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