Test that can detect coronavirus in minutes gets U.S. approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted the approval under its Emergency Use Authorization.

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Gilead Trades That Made Millions On COVID-19 Drug News Under Scrutiny.

Well-timed trades in Gilead Sciences Inc's options ahead of good news on the biopharmaceutical company's COVID-19 drug treatment may draw regulatory scrutiny, experts said.

«Don't Have Many Sheep To Produce Cotton» : Singapore Minister's Gaffe.

A Singaporean minister has sheepishly admitted to saying that cotton came from animals rather than plants in a slip-up during an interview that triggered bleats of mockery online.

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Five regions, Kyiv city not ready for third stage of lockdown exit.

Lviv, Volyn, Rivne, Chernivtsi, Donetsk regions and Kyiv city are not yet ready to move to the third stage of the exit from the coronavirus lockdown, Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers has stated.


IMF backs Ukraine's initiatives on gas and electricity tariffs – finance minister.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) supports the Ukrainian government's initiatives on gas and electricity tariffs, Ukrainian Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko has said.

Day of peaceful George Floyd protests in NYC turn to chaos after dark.

Through most of the day, in most of the city, a tense truce held, with officers keeping their distance and occasionally dropping to a knee in a gesture of respect.

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