Ukraine’s milk production decreases 3.7% in 2019

In 2019, milk production in Ukraine decreased by 3.7% compared to 2018, according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

Last year Ukraine’s milk production amounted to about 9.69 million tonnes, which is 3.7% lower than in 2018. In particular, agricultural enterprises produced 2.72 million tonnes of milk (a decrease of 1.4% from 2018), private households - 6.97 million tonnes (a decrease of 4.6%).

The highest amount of milk production was recorded in Vinnytsia region - 764.4 thousand tonnes (a decrease of 7.3% from 2018), Poltava region - 758.7 thousand tonnes (down 0.4%), and Khmelnytskyi region - 640.0 thousand tonnes (up 2.6%).

The lowest amount of milk production was recorded in Luhansk region - 125.2 thousand tonnes (a decrease of 1.4% from 2018), Donetsk region - 173.4 thousand tonnes (down 7.0%) and Zaporizhzhia region - 220.1 thousand tonnes (down 9.8%).

In 2018, milk production in Ukraine amounted to 10.06 million tonnes, which is 2.1% lower than in the previous year.


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