PM Shmyhal doesn't support national emergency over coronavirus.

Enough measures have already been taken in Ukraine to control the spread of the virus.

PM Shmyhal / Photo from UNIAN

PM Shmyhal / Photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal does not support the introduction of a national emergency in Ukraine over the novel coronavirus.

"There is no need to introduce an emergency in Ukraine. A state of emergency is introduced in the event of an emergency. Today, the spread of the coronavirus in Ukraine is quite moderate compared that in many European countries," he said on ICTV.

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Enough measures have already been taken in Ukraine to control the spread of the pandemic, he said. "It doesn't seem the introduction of an emergency in Ukraine is required this week," he added.

Yet, he said, the situation might change within the next few weeks.

As UNIAN reported earlier, President Volodymyr Zelensky says the possible introduction of a national emergency in Ukraine would not be used to "push certain unpopular decisions," yet it would be aimed at protecting Ukrainians.

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