Russia’s stance on Normandy Summit: Consistency of Minsk Agreements, consent to ‘Georgian scenario’.

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Russia intends to present the firm position on the settlement of Donbas Conflict at the Normandy Summit as Kommersant reported citing the source at the Russian state structures.

“For them (the representatives of Ukraine, -, this meeting is the political act and for us it is the working meeting. If the agreements state that the elections should be early then they cannot be combined with the regular. Nobody will reconsider anything,” the Russian official noted.

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According to him, Russia will not accept the intention of Kyiv to redraft Minsk Agreements and representatives of the separatists in Donbas agree with such position. The unilateral withdrawal from the will not bring peace in Donbas.

Russia expects that France and Germany will insist on the indispensability of Minsk Agreements. That is why the only possible outcome of negotiations on Donbas is the prisoners’ exchange between Kyiv and Moscow.

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Kremlin is satisfied with the status quo amid the absence of the progress in the fulfillment of Minsk Agreements. Russia is consent to the ‘Georgian scenario’ in the relations with Ukraine. The example of Georgia shows that without diplomatic relations, it is possible to cooperate in the economy and solve issues in other formats.

The leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine will meet in Paris on December 9 in the attempt to intensify the efforts in the search of peace settlement of Donbas Conflict.

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