Three residents of Novi Sanzhary accused of provocation recorded video message.


Three residents of Novi Sanzhary, who were previously called provocateurs from Kropyvnytskyi, recorded an appeal in which they said they were patriots. The video unveiled Poltava TV on YouTube.

Maksym Kornienko, Dmytro Zozulya and Oleksandr Palko in the video say that they are local residents.

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"I am a participant in the hostilities, fought for Ukraine and love my country. I spent an hour at the scene with curiosity, and now all kinds of dirt is being poured on me," - Kornienko said.

The guys added that they did not participate in the riots.

After the riots in Novi Sanzhary, a frame was distributed in social networks with three young people in sportswear, who were called provocateurs from other cities.

As we reported before, All observational people in Novi Sanzhary are healthy. Dmytry Koval, Deputy Minister of Health, said this during a briefing in the Cabinet of Ministers.

"The results of the morning medical examination are positive," - he said.

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The deputy minister also noted that on Saturday the evacuees will also take a blood test, which will be sent to a laboratory in Kiev. According to him, such an examination will be held once every three days.

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