Ukraine exports almost 15 mln tonnes of grain since new MY.


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Ukraine exports almost 15 mln tonnes of grain since new MY / REUTERS

Ukraine exports almost 15 mln tonnes of grain since new MY / REUTERS

Ukrainian agrarians exported 14.8 million tonnes of grain in the new marketing year(MY, July 2020 - June 2021), which was 13% down year-over-year(y-o-y).

The figures were reported by the agrarian department of Ukraine's Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture as of October 23.

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In particular, over 10 million tonnes of wheat was exported, exports of barley totaled 3.3 million tonnes, those of rye were 1.7 million tonnes, and maize 1.4 million tonnes.

Also, 59,000 tonnes of flour made of wheat and other types of grain was shipped abroad against 105,000 tonnes down y-o-y.


Ukraine in MY 2019-2020 exported record high 57.2 million tonnes of flour, grain and legumes to foreign markets.

Author: UNIAN

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