Ukraine does not have Steinmeier formula for Crimea.


Ukraine does not have the Steinmeier formula for annexed Crimea. President of Ukrainer Volodymyr Zelensky stated that as Krym.Realii reported.

Zelensky also added that Crimea's de-occupation is impossible without international partners.

"Now we do not have this formula. It is a very complicated history. You know that here Ukraine, unfortunately, I should state this, Ukraine will not cope with it by itself. We need the conditions of our international partners and we need more powerful army. We need to be really strong and not only our diplomacy should work but also our army has to be on a high level," Zelensky said.

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As it was reported earlier, Defense Minister of Ukraine Andrii Zagorodniuk said that the "Steinmeier formula" had become a media product.

"This verbal formula (because it is not written down anywhere) is a media product. Steinmeier himself, and he is the president of Germany, does not know what a Steinmeier formula is. He just called it an algorithm and then it was called a formula," Zagorodniuk said.

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