Hong Kong anti-government protester shot, another set on fire.

Warning: This video is graphic. In Hong Kong, an anti-government protester was shot at point blank range while another man was set on fire. Both incidents were caught on tape. It’s the worst weekday violence in over five months of demonstrations. Ramy Inocencio reports.

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4 more New Zealand volcano victims identified

The death toll was officially raised to 16 on Sunday.

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U.N. climate talks end with more alarms and little action

The United Nations climate talks ended Sunday in Madrid with more alarms and little action. Critics are accusing big pollutors of blocking progress to tackle the crisis. Ian Lee reports.

Anna Karina, iconic French New Wave actress, has died at 79.

''Her look was the look of the New Wave. It will remain so forever," French culture minister Franck Riester tweeted.

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How misinformation was spread ahead of U.K. election

Conservative leader Boris Johnson claimed a landslide victory in the U.K. elections. According to The New York Times, both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party spread misleading information online ahead of the election. Markos Kounalakis, a...

U.S. trade rep hails USMCA, China deals as «most momentous day in trade history ever»

"It was extremely momentous and indicative of where we're going, what this president has accomplished," U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told "Face the Nation."

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