Romania Fined By EU's Top Court For Failing To Observe Anti-Money Laundering Rules.

The EU's top court has imposed a fine on Romania for the incomplete application of the bloc's rules against money laundering.

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‘We are overwhelmed’: International aid needed after Beirut explosion, Vancouver consul says.

"Beirut was the jewel of the Middle East. It has a big role to do between east and west as a bridge and it needs to be rebuilt."

U.S. To Seek UN Vote On Iran Arms Embargo Next Week

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States plans to hold a United Nations Security Council vote next week to extend an arms embargo on Iran.

Facebook removes Trump coronavirus post over misinformation.

"This video includes false claims that a group of people is immune from COVID-19, which is a violation of our policies around harmful COVID misinformation," a Facebook spokesman said.

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Lebanese-Canadians in Halifax grief-stricken, shocked by explosion in Beirut.

Many Lebanese-Canadians in Halifax are grief-stricken a day after the explosion in Beirut leveled parts of the city, killing more than 100 people.

Done properly, night curfews can be helpful in curbing coronavirus outbreaks, experts say.

When done correctly, COVID-19 curfews have been proven to shorten lockdown periods and help flatten curves.

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