When pro-EU elite claim they want to ‘resolve’ Brexit — they mean ‘reverse’ it.

People's Fix

NOW the Remainer endgame is revealed:

To keep this paralysed Government in office for nearly a YEAR, deny us an election and hold their “people’s vote” instead. Presumably their own ­unelected pseudo-Government will see to it, since Boris Johnson won’t agree.

 Blair is part of the pro-EU elite who claim they want to 'resolve' Brexit

Blair is part of the pro-EU elite who claim they want to 'resolve' BrexitCredit: AP:Associated Press

This pro-EU elite — Letwin, Blair, Mandelson and the rest, in treacherous collusion with Brussels — want to “resolve” Brexit. They mean “reverse” it, with a referendum question splitting the Leave vote and stitched up for Remain.

Brexit won’t be “resolved” if we back Leave again. They won’t accept that result any more than the last. Their referendum would be utterly illegitimate.

To cap it all, ex-Tory Remainers are now plotting for Rory Stewart to stand against Boris in Uxbridge.

Remember Amber Rudd and others throwing hissy fits when he kicked these wreckers out? What else did they deserve?

A bigger peril

THE Sun has repeatedly predicted No Deal would cause turbulence. Leavers expect it.

Most know it could hit them in the pocket too. But maintaining a fat bank balance and a comfortable existence isn’t the argument-clincher for them that it is for many Remainers.

 We would love to read an 'impact assessment' into telling a 17.4million majority their votes didn’t count

We would love to read an 'impact assessment' into telling a 17.4million majority their votes didn’t countCredit: AP:Associated Press

It’s no surprise Remain MPs are gleefully deploying the “Yellowhammer” report to ratchet up the hysteria about Brexit. It won’t impress Leavers.

And we would love to read an “impact assessment” into telling a 17.4million majority their votes didn’t count and surrendering our economy to Marxists.

No Deal risks short-term disruption. No Brexit guarantees the annihilation of trust in our democracy, a rapid surge in extremism and probable disorder.

No one should gamble on the latter.

Mend offence

NIGEL Farage is still a magnet for Brexit voters. The Tories are crazy to rubbish him.

Read on Pages 34 and 35 how he enthralled paying punters at a packed venue in a diehard Labour constituency.

 A smart deal with Farage could secure an election majority

A smart deal with Farage could secure an election majorityCredit: Getty Images - Getty

Some in No10 cannot shake off their ­dislike of Farage. They must rethink. It will be extremely tough to switch Labour-voting northern Leavers to the Tories to counter Tory losses to Remainers. A smart deal with Farage could secure an election majority, and Brexit.

Reject that and it looks bleak.

Nice one, Meg

MEGHAN’S clothing campaign is a top idea.

Every item bought means an identical one is donated to a group which provides smart outfits to help unemployed women find work.

We hope it is a massive success. And we say to Meghan: More of this, please. And less “woke” hectoring about our carbon footprint.

That’s how you win over the public.

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