Call of Duty Modern Warfare gets two NEW maps and Hardpoint mode today.

GAMERS are getting two extra maps and a new game mode with the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare update.

All of the new additions are completely free of charge, and are available to download from November 8 – that's today.

 New Call of Duty content was announced via a Twitter post

New Call of Duty content was announced via a Twitter postCredit: Activision

You'll need to update your game to gain access to the new maps.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare new maps – what are they?

There are two new maps being added to Modern Warfare with the update.

The first is called Shoot House, which will be available through the standard multiplayer playlists.

 Call of Duty will now have 11 main multiplayer maps, excluding gunfight and ground war

Call of Duty will now have 11 main multiplayer maps, excluding gunfight and ground war

A screenshot of the map indicates that it may be a military practice range – a bit like CoD 4's Killhouse, albeit outdoors.

And the second map is called Krovnik Farmland, which is set in Russia.

This map will only be available through Ground War playlists, which means it's much larger than Shoot House.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare new game mode – what is it?

The new game mode will be familiar to Call of Duty veterans.

It's called Hardpoint, and has featured in six Call of Duty games prior to the new Modern Warfare.

Teams need to rush to secure a "hardpoint" on a map, and boot enemies out of an area.

Holding the hardpoint will increase your score, but having no players in a hardpoint means no points are gained.

It's similar to Headquarters, although respawns are also enabled – even if your team is holding the hardpoint.

If you've never played Hardpoint before, it's very similar to Halo's King of the Hill.

In other news, Sony recently confirmed the PS5 release date is coming before Christmas 2020.

A recent "price leak" suggested the PS5 could cost £250 more than its predecessor.

And we reveal the best PS5 games you can expect to play next year.

What do you think of the new Call of Duty so far? Let us know in the comments!

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