Over 41,000 people infected with Covid-19 in Germany.

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The number of people infected with Covid-19 in Germany increased up to 41,343 people; 219 of them died as 112 Ukraine TV channel reported citing Chair of German-Ukrainian cultural association Ukrainian world Olha Raad.

1,428 cases spotted in Berlin, only two of them died.

The Germans treat the quarantine deliberately and try to stick to the rules.

“Everyone knows the German medicine, German doctors, all equipment in the hospitals; they treat this issue quite seriously, that is why, see, the mortality rate, fortunately, in such a situation, is not so horrible as in other countries. During the first week of quarantine, there was no such treatment, that is why the number of infected people grew, especially in the center. People gathered in downtown, walked around the city. If we talk about Merkel, on March 22, we expected that there will be some tightening of the conditions of quarantine, no leaving the house. But as Merkel counts on the awareness of her citizens, no escalations took place,” Raab said.

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She added that almost everyone has antiseptics, wet wipes or other means. The subway is not closed in Germany, the buses are half empty. People who stay at home on quarantine may go out.

“It is controlled in the city, controlled by police and you have to explain why you are in the city, what you do and where you go. That is why, it is allowed to go to shop, pharmacy by ones. But, of course, some people need drugs, some food. Everything else is closed, schools, kindergartens – everything is closed and we try to wait out it,” Raab said.

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As of Thursday morning, March 26, 156 cases of coronavirus have been officially confirmed in Ukraine.

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