National Simplicity Day 2020: Why The Day Is Important In Modern Times.

National Simplicity Day 2020: Why The Day Is Important In Modern Times

On the Simplicity Day 2020, take some time off from technology to keep things simple. (Representational)

New Delhi:

National Simplicity Day is observed every year on July 12 to honour the life, work and philosophies of poet, author and leading transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau. Born on July 12, 1817, Thoreau was an advocate of living a simple life and wrote a number of books around the subject.

His most popular book Walden is a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings.

Significance Of Simplicity Day

With our world surrounded with mobile phones, laptops and other modern day gadgets, the Simplicity Day holds a lot of significance in today's day and age. As we rarely get time to experience true peace in our fast-paced lives, this day gives a chance to shun the gadgets for a day and enjoy the feeling of truly being in the moment.

How To Celebrate Simplicity Day

Read Walden

Henry David Thoreau moved into a cabin in the woods for two years, far away from society, to write his reflection of that time down in Walden. So, there can't be a better day to pick the book up than his birthday.

Step Away From Your Devices

It might be difficult to get through the day without checking work emails, posting on social media accounts or catching up on your favourite shows, but try unplugging from your laptops and smartphones for a day. The results might surprise you.

As the Simplicity Day encourages to let go of all of life's complications, take some time off from technology to keep things simple.


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