Russia illegally persecutes 115 Crimean citizens

Censor.NET reports citing her post on Facebook.

"115 people are illegally prosecuted by Russia on groundless and politically motivated accusations. Particularly, 40 Crimean Tatars stay in the custodial settings in the Russian territory; 32 people kept in the penal institutions in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea and 15 people were released conditionally; currently, they stay at the places of their residence in the territory of the Crimean peninsula. They cannot come to mainland Ukraine because of their right for freedom of movement and free choice of the place of residence," Denisova wrote.

It is noted that 18.000 Crimeans were drafted into the Russian army starting from 2015. In summer 2019, at least 3.300 people were enlisted.

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According to Denisova, Russia replaces the population in the occupied territory of Crimea by its citizens as, after the occupation, part of the citizens of Ukraine moved to mainland Ukraine. Over 140.000 Russians were relocated during the occupation due to various reasons.

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