Most protesters detained in Novi Sanzhary are not locals.


Most of the detainees during the protests in Novi Sanzhary, which arose in the village due to the arrival of Ukrainians evacuated from China, are not local residents. The representative of the National Police in the Poltava region, Yuriy Sulaev, stated this, as the local newspaper reports.

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As we reported before, 24 participants of the protests against the placement of Ukrainians, evacuated from Wuhan, China, in Novi Sanzhary were detained during the collisions with police. This was reported by the Head of the National Police Ihor Klymenko.

According to him, 17 people were arrested in the morning, seven more protesters - in the evening.

Also, Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the citizens of Ukraine that had been evacuated from China would be sent to Novi Sanzhary sanitarium. This evoked the outrage of the locals.

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The protesters collided with the representatives of the law enforcement bodies. As a result, some of them were detained.

As of now, the situation in the settlement remains to be calm. The medical center is being patrolled by police officer

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