Minimum pension, wage rise in Ukraine from July 1

Last time the minimum wage in Ukraine was increased on December 1, 2019.

Photo from UNIAN

Photo from UNIAN

The living wage and minimum pension have increased in Ukraine from July 1, 2020, which means some social benefits will also grow.

Minimum wage from July 1

Last time the minimum wage in Ukraine was increased on December 1, 2019, to UAH 2,027 (US$76). From July 1, this figure will grow by UAH 91 (US$3) to UAH 2,118 (US$79). The next increase is scheduled for December 1, to UAH 2,189 (US$82).

Starting from July 1, the minimum wage for able-bodied citizens will amount to UAH 2,197 (US$82), i.e. it will grow by UAH 95 (US$3).

For disabled persons, the amount is set at UAH 1,712 (US$64) against UAH 1,638 (US$61).

Social benefits for children since July 1

In single-parent families:

For children under six years – from UAH 1,779 (US$66) to UAH 1,859 (US$69);

For children aged six to 18 – from UAH 2,218 (US$83) to UAH 2,218 (US$83).

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Money paid to children under guardianship or trusteeship is the following:

For children under six years – UAH 4,647.5 (US$174);

For children aged six to 18 – UAH 5,795 (US$217).

For children with special needs:

Under six years – UAH 6,226.5 (US$233);

Aged six to 18 – UAH 7,763 (US$291).

Minimum pension in Ukraine from July 1

The size of the minimum pension will grow by UAH 74 (US$3) to UAH 1,712 (US$64). Last time pensions were increased on December 1, 2019, to UAH 1,638 (US$61).

Seniority payments to pensioners whose employment history exceeds 35 years (for men) and 30 years (for women) will also grow from July 1. It is 1% of the minimum pension for each additional year (from July 1, it is UAH 17.12 (US$0.64) against UAH 16.38 (US$0.61) before July 1).

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