Ukraine decreases consumption of coal, natural gas and gasoline.

In February 2020, Ukraine decreased consumption of coal by 4.7%, natural gas - by 2.9%, gasoline - by 2% compared with February 2019, according to the State Statistics Service.

In particular, in February 2020, Ukraine consumed 3.33 million tonnes of coal (down 4.7% from February 2019), 3.90 million cubic meters of natural gas (down 2.9%), and 11.0 thousand tonnes of heavy fuel oil (up 1.8%).

Over the reporting period, Ukraine’s consumption of motor gasoline made up 34.7 thousand tonnes (down 2.0% from February 2019) (excluding sales' volumes at filling stations), diesel fuel - 264.9 thousand tonnes (10.1% more), and 13.0 thousand tonnes of liquefied gas (14,8% more).

As Ukrinform reported, Ukraine’s consumption of coal in January 2020 made up 3.4 million tonnes (down 24.2% from January 2019), natural gas - 4.4 million cubic meters (down 10.3%), heavy fuel oil - 21.4 thousand tonnes (up 111.7%); motor gasoline - 33.5 thousand tonnes (down 5.4%), diesel fuel - 250.1 thousand tonnes (up 6.1%), and liquefied gas - 11.9 thousand tonnes (up 17.3%).


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