Over 50 people left observation after return from abroad. Ministry.

Censor.NET reports citing 112.ua.

According to him, these people were returned from Qatar by a special flight a few days ago. Herashchenko explained that they could leave the observation ‘due to legislative inaccuracies’.

"We cannot keep people forcibly," Herashchenko noted.

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However, the Deputy Interior Minister underlined that the citizens should understand their responsibility and they will pay fines.

"We did not apply forcible actions toward these people. Everyone who left observation without permission will pay fine in the sum of 17,000 hryvnia (about $613). It is the punishment for violation of the rules of observation. Just, some citizens are very rich in comparison with the majority of the population of Ukraine, can afford to pay fines. For every violation of the observation, and people who left it once will be constantly controlled; 17,000 hryvnia will be paid for each violation," Herashchenko said.

Besides, the Interior Ministry urged Ukrainians not to jeopardize surrounding people with infection and take care of their health.

"It is necessary for our citizens to understand the importance of their responsibility that if they are infected, they may infect someone else, in such case they will face criminal punishment. As for today, our position is clear – the Interior Ministry does not agree any flight to Ukraine. We offer our citizens and demand from you to comply with the conditions of the observation," Herashchenko concluded.

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