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Hong Kong protests: Man set on fire by protestors as tensions in the area escalate.

A VIDEO of a man being set alight by Hong Kong protestors has gone viral as tensions in the area escalate to unprecedented highs.

Michelle Obama heartbreak: Ex-FLOTUS inundated with praise after heartfelt Twitter post.

MICHELLE OBAMA was inundated with praise after sharing a heartfelt post on social media to celebrate Veterans day.

Scientists baffled after discovering ancient mummified cat is a ‘scam’ in shock revelation.

SCIENTISTS were left baffled with what they found inside a 2,500-year-old mummified Egyptian cat, according to reports.

Grisly discovery of severed heads reveals major historical breakthrough about Inca Empire.

MULTIPLE skulls found in northern Chile have revealed an aspect of Inca civilisation that has never before been discovered.

Melania Trump fury: FLOTUS reveals the one thing she finds hardest about being First Lady.

MELANIA TRUMP revealed the hardest thing she finds about being the First Lady in an outrage over “opportunists” benefiting from her family name.

Shark horror: Second man dies in same waters where Brit tourist’s body was eaten by shark.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING - ANOTHER man has died in the area where a Scottish tourist is thought to have been brutally eaten by a shark after the man’s hand was found in a shark’s stomach.

Earthquake today: Hawaii hit by earthquake sending shocks along Ring of Fire.

HAWAII has been hit by a 4.9-magnitude earthquake, according to the U.S. Geological Survey .

China stresses need for combat-ready armed forces in chilling threat to the West.

CHINESE President Xi Jinping has issued a rallying call for his Communist Party to retain their grip on the country, adding the nation’s military must be combat-ready in a terrifying threat to the West.

Fires near me: How to track Australia fires - Authorities warn they can’t save everyone.

FIRES are blazing across the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales. So how can you track the Australia fires?

Greta Thunberg likened to Russian President by Piers Morgan ’Turning her into Putin’.

GRETA THUNBERG has been likened to Russian president Vladimir Putin in a brutal tweet by Piers Morgan.

Australia fires MAP: Wall of flames to bear down on Sydney - where is fire RIGHT NOW?.

FIRES have swept through Australia over the last few weeks, with three people confirmed to have died in the blazes. So where are the fires right now?

Trump speech hijacked as protestors shout and whistle during President’s veterans speech.

DONALD TRUMP’s speech to war veterans in New York was hijacked by protesters demanding the US President be impeached over allegations of colluding with Ukraine, while skyscrapers displayed posters and banners with the words “Dump Trump” on.

Iran has ‘secret atomic warehouse’ to enrich uranium underground - Nuclear weapons warning.

IRAN is now enriching uranium underground, the United Nations has warned, adding Tehran’s actions are now taking place “at a location in Iran not declared to the agency”.

Ivanka Trump: Donald Trump's reaction to Ivanka's conversion to Judaism revealed.

DONALD TRUMP was “baffled” and “discombobulated” by his daughter Ivanka Trump’s conversion to Judaism in 2009, according to a revealing book.

Donald Trump Jr. humiliated as supporters heckle First Son during Triggered book tour

DONALD TRUMP JR. was forced to flee the venue of his book presentation on the UCLA campus after a crowd of Trump supporters began to heckle the First Son 20 minutes into the two-hour event.

Corbyn blasted for defending Bolivian president who stepped down over election tampering.

JEREMY CORBYN has been blasted for defending Evo Morales after he resigned as President of Bolivia over a disputed election he claimed to have won.

Volcanoes: What is the most dangerous volcano in the world? Ring of Fire activity.

VOLCANOES have the potential to cause devastating natural disasters, with hundreds of sites around the feared ‘Ring of Fire’ capable of delivering an explosive blow of fire and ash to countless communities. What is the most dangerous volcano on Ea...

Bolivia crisis latest: Bolivia President Evo Morales QUITS - what caused controversy?.

BOLIVIAN PRESIDENT Eva Morales resigned yesterday, ending nearly 14 years of rule. Why did Evo Morales resign as President of Bolivia?

Michael Schumacher health latest: Former manager promises fans 'will see Michael again'.

MICHAEL Schumacher’s former manager has said he believes the Formula 1 legend will make a public appearance again in an astonishing statement.

Melania Trump shock: Bizarre similarities First Lady shares with Carrie Symonds revealed.

MELANIA TRUMP has a few bizarre things in common with Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds, it has emerged.

Kashmir fury puts Modi on brink as India leader suffers election blow.

INDIA Prime Minister Narendra Modi is suddenly under pressure after his ruling party decided not to form a government in the country's richest state as New Delhi continues to assert its authority in the Kashmir region.

Pompeii archaeologist finds 2,000-year-old ‘social media’ posts of Roman Empire.

AN ARCHAEOLOGIST uncovered numerous inscriptions in Pompeii, dating back 2,000 years, which she claimed were the “social media” posts of the Roman Empire during a new documentary.

Falklands shock: How Argentina plotted attack on Gibraltar during war with UK.

THE FALKLANDS WAR of 1982 saw Britain overcome Argentina in a brutal exchange from which political discontent remains rife today, but amid the fighting for the Islands came an attempted attack on another British territory, in what could have been ...

Who is Michael Bloomberg? Could he BEAT Trump as polls show popularity soar?.

BILLIONAIRE Micheal Bloomberg joined the race for the White House last week, aiming to secure the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. So who is he?

How ‘find of a lifetime’ was made after uncovering 2,000-year-old tomb in Jerusalem.

ARCHAEOLOGISTS uncovered what was dubbed the “find of a lifetime” after stumbling across a 2,000-year-old untouched tomb in south Jerusalem.

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