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Top PPC trends to look out for in 2020

If you’re considering working with a PPC agency in Hull, these are the top PPC trends to watch out for in 2020

Looking for a PPC agency in Hull?

As technology improves and the world becomes more reliant on online services, PPC marketing continues to skyrocket. For anyone looking for a PPC agency in Hull - or a similar area- these are the top PPC trends to watch out for in 2020.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence(AI)is a technological conception that is constantly developing in our society. The use of AI within digital marketing is no exception. It is a tool that is frequently being utilised in PPC and is easily one of the most prominent PPC trends of the year. There are many benefits to using AI within digital marketing. Now widely accessible, AI technology can allow you to alter algorithms to your specific needs. It is also undeniably faster than humans can possibly be.

Certain tasks that may have once taken up a large amount of time can now be done quickly and efficiently with AI. Who doesn’t want to get more out of their time? Machine learning can use your data to get the most out of it, such as using past data for predictions and recognising which bids are going to bring in the most traffic. If used well and combined with the skill and thinking process of us lowly humans, AI can be a great addition to any campaign for a PPC agency in Hull or anywhere.


Automation has been on the rise for a while, emphasised by Google using an automated bidding system and encouraging it to be used by PPC advertisers in marketing campaigns. Similar to how AI benefits PPC, automation utilises machine learning to automatically focus in on the most important elements of marketing within your PPC agency.

This includes optimising and managing certain aspects of an advertising campaign. Giants like Google can be relentless when it comes to trying to manage your automation for you, but you can easily create your own automated processes that work best for you and your company. Budgets, bids and more can be optimised via your own custom automation. Much like AI, it takes a lot of the stressful and time consuming work away. Freeing up precious time is always a valuable factor for a PPC agency.

Automation will work best if you are clear and concise with what you want to be automated. If you feel like PPC automation is taking over a little too much of your marketing strategy, simply modify it accordingly. The benefits of automation are vast and certainly a trend that is growing significantly this year.

Advertising via video

You don’t have to be tech savvy or even internet savvy to know how influential videos on the internet are in contemporary society. YouTube is one of the biggest sites on the web, with tons of content that receives billions of views on a daily basis. Some people are able to have lucrative careers by being creators on YouTube, so there is no doubt that there is a lot of engagement to be had with videos. This is why video advertising has to be one of the top PPC trends this year.

Powerful and tremendously effective, videos are a great way to attract clicks and encourage engagement. Video advertising may not be a recent trend, but it is a tried-and-tested medium that constantly proves itself as a driving force in any PPC agency. Utilising videos in digital marketing to their full potential is difficult, but if done right, it can prove invaluable.

This has been made even more so by Google’s Bumper Machine. Bumper Machine allows you to take a video that is shorter than 90 seconds and convert it into six second long bumper ads. These ads can then be displayed on YouTube for advertising purposes. YouTube is a haven of engagement possibilities, so Bumper Machine could be a great way for a PPC agency to ramp up their digital advertising campaigns.

If you are looking for a PPC agency in Hull or the surrounding areas, these trends are just a few that can be utilised by our specialist providers to give you the best digital marketing experience possible.