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Why organic food delivery is gaining popularity?

Why fresh organic food delivery is gaining popularity? We explore some of the key drivers behind the trend.

Arranging fresh organic food delivery direct to your door is becoming increasingly popular. The coronavirus pandemic has prevented many households from going to the supermarket and even if they have been able to get there, often the choice is limited.In recent months there has been a surge in the number of people wanting home delivery of their food and for many, this doesn’t necessarily mean simply having a weekly order from one of the large supermarkets. Fresh, organic food delivered directly to your front door, makes life more convenient, meal choices healthier and is a great way of ensuring a varied diet for you and your family.

Arranging your delivery

There are online delivery fresh food delivery services specialises in offering customers a range of organic fruit and vegetables, which can be tailored to every customer’s individual needs. Items can be removed, swapped or added easily, catering for different tastes and ensuring everyone can eat the foods they enjoy most.

When customers visit the website, they will see that there is no fixed price for each individual item. This is because the price depends on the size of the harvest and seasonal availability. This is in line with the company’s ethical business model, which ensures everyone is paid fairly.

Once customers have selected their box size, the online delivery company staff selects the fresh produce and carefully pack it, ensuring it is protected and lasts as long as possible. Delivery is included and is direct to the customer’s home.

Such companies believe that fresh organic fruit and vegetables delivered directly to a customer’s home supports healthier eating and contributes to the care of our planet. When placing an order, customers are given the option to offset the carbon footprint used in producing their order. Some companies keep the option to round up their bill to the nearest pound, with any excess going towards any certified charity working with essential projects in the UK.

Every delivery of such online delivery service providers comes free from gel pads or ice packs and the companies are committed to zero plastic in packaging. This is all part of the company ethos.

Lifestyle changes

Lockdown has resulted in lifestyle changes for people up and down the country. Many have switched their daily commute for home working, others have been furloughed and unfortunately, others have lost their jobs. The change in pace has resulted in more time to exercise and assess lifestyle choices, including looking at diet. Many have taken the opportunity to cook more and eat better and this, in turn, has resulted in them feeling and looking better.

Organic food is better for health, the planet and our overall well-being. By adjusting these areas of our life and our families’ lives, we can all contribute to a better and brighter future. Choosing to eat organic produce regularly can help.

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