Benefits Of Powder Coating Vehicle Parts

Few events are more thrilling for car enthusiasts than tailoring their vehicles to best match their driving and style preferences. In addition to buying custom parts, you can improve your vehicle further by using powder coating.

By offering a durable all-weather finish, powder coating will not only make the metal parts of your car look great but will also enable them to last longer than a traditional paint job.

Auto Parts That Benefit From Powder Coating:

Wheel Rims

Powder coating Adds a unique touch to your wheel rims, it can be an easy way to showcase your personality, but a typical paint job is unlikely to last long because it is so close to the road surface. Natural durability of the powder coating means it can survive road salt, rocks, and other debris that will impact your wheels.


Those who frequently tow trailers or boats realize that the hitch to the vehicle does a lot of heavy work. However, over time exposure to humidity can trigger this part to become rusted and corroded. Powder coating offers a protective coating that ensures no accidental damage to this towing part.


Whether placed on a pickup truck or a dune buggy, handrails get lots of use as they make getting in and out of the car easier for you and your passengers. Powder coating is an excellent way to create a burst of color to these components that will undoubtedly capture the attention of all.

For all of your powder coating and metal resurfacing needs, you can count on Rusty Lions Powder Coating in Oakland, NJ. Combining a state-of-the-art curing oven and affordable rates, our team will revitalize and strengthen the metal on your vehicle to help it stand the test of time. Call us at 347-613-8103/ 973-459-8515 today!


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