Boosting Windows 10: how Microsoft might be the next most powerful update in years

Microsoft's next update to Windows 10 seems to be the biggest update the company has released in years. Microsoft updates Windows operating software to improve performance and operating system innovations, as we have not seen in Microsoft in many years. Below are some of the features that come with Windows 10 20H1.

If you don't pay attention, Microsoft usually releases 2 updates for Windows 10 every year. We had updates in May and November last year and introduced a number of radical features in the world's most used operating system. The next update is 10 20H1 or higher Windows 10 version 2004, as already mentioned. Windows updates generally do not bring much news, all because Microsoft rarely implements them, and if they do, they rarely cause information leaks from the Internet, since they are only the same among the members of the development program registered for this, the so-called internal program.

Apparently, however, something has changed in the company's position for this next update to 20.1, since some previews of the implementations that have been made have been online for a while and give us a good idea of ​​what there is did. Manufactured by Microsoft and ready to install on computers. Therefore, we will have system functions that will bring us a little closer to a tablet designed from scratch for "convertible" computers. As in a shell, these functions apply to laptops that can be folded over themselves to offer the user a much better user experience when they want a tablet than a real laptop such as a tablet.

After entering tablet mode, the user has the possibility of having a new experience, with a greater distance between the symbols in the taskbar, the search bar is hidden and even a touch keyboard is provided. Regarding this new functionality, Microsoft states that switching to tablet mode does not change the experience of the desktop environment that the user is used to and that there are additional opportunities for new interactions.

The improvements in the file manager are also great news. It seems that we will finally have news that many users have been waiting for in the Windows 10 file manager. We know that the file manager has reported errors in recent months. The most serious thing is that the application has been completely closed and that the task you are performing is no longer running. Now, Windows 10 20H1 seems to be making positive changes that give the file manager more stability and new features, for example B. a new look in the search bar.

Another innovation is the introduction of the system without passwords, that is, as the name implies, everything is used without passwords, or whatever is necessary to enter / create words. The password takes priority over the Windows Hello Face system and the fingerprint reader or even a digital PIN code.

The new update will also bring a new Cortana experience, but without voice commands. For the new experience, only your native and natural voice should be used for Microsoft Personal Assistant to work with you. This means that we cannot ask you many more questions with your voice or keyboard than before.

However, we believe that we will have a much more powerful and stable Windows 10 and, above all, full of new implementations, which will apply to both existing laptops and future devices that will certainly have these new features, especially laptops.

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