Is Exercise Enough to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is the most common pain that people are having in recent decades. The most common cause of lower back pain is sitting for a long time and not sitting in the right posture. But this is not the only cause. The most common solution that people recommend the lower back pain is exercise. But this is not the only solution. People are frequently looking for some advanced treatment for back pain.

Intensity of Carelessness

Severeness of the lower back pain commonly depends upon the intensity of carelessness about the back pain in its initial stages. If lower back pain goes unnoticed for a long time, it can compel the person to stop working at all. A person can be completely unable to even walk in a straight posture. There can be a solution to surgery for this pain. There can be a solution, a simple walk for this pain. It all depends upon when one is starting realizing that one has lower back pain and it is becoming more painful day by day.

If one is detecting earlier that one is having lower back pain, it is easy to manage it. It can be eased off without any special attention from an orthopedic surgeon. A simple walk is even sufficient if one is caring about healthy life. A person who goes for an hour walk per day, that person is most certainly not having lower back pain issues at all. That means a daily walk is mandatory for everyone. But it should be taken as essential for those who are doing office jobs and who are more than thirty-five years in age. Office job required six to ten hours sitting in one posture. Even more than two hours walk is recommended for the office working class.

Exercises for Lower Back Pain

There are some exercises for lower back pain, these can help for initial lower back pains. There is no need to go to some physicians to have recommendations for exercises. There is no need for trainers for these exercises. There is no need to go to a certain gym for these exercises. One can do these by oneself at home, even in the room. Knees bent, but feet flat and lie down for a while, crossing hands on the chest, one needs to pull the shoulder upwards for a while. An important point is to hold your breath when you are raising your shoulders. Repetition for shoulder upward for around fifteen times once. There are some other exercises but this is one basic one. It is easy to start. It can be sufficient to get rid of the initial stage of lower back pain.

Medication for Removing the Pain

For severe lower back pain, this exercise does not work sufficiently. There are a lot more exercises. But those people also need medication for removing the pain. Only home-based exercises do not work. For such people, the best recommendation is to see an orthopedic surgeon. There can be some testing required to know the exact cause of pain and locus of the pain. For severe pain, it can take years to remove. But in certain cases, it is not possible and one needs to live with it.

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