Bamboo can withstand a higher load than steel itself

When comparing the average tensile strength values of bamboo on its weight, it turns out to be the green steel of the building.

Steel is one of the most widely used materials in construction and can be used in different ways and various load requests. Bamboo has characteristics very similar to steel. Its resistance to compressive and tensile forces is very high and can be used – if properly calculated – simultaneously for these two efforts.

When comparing the average tensile strength values ​​of the material on its weight, we realize that bamboo blinds can withstand the equivalent and, in some cases, even a greater load than steel.

One of the factors that attribute the green steel slogan to bamboo is the ease of obtaining the material, with minimum standard physical and mechanical strengths for the building industry, in just a few square meters of planting.

Another advantage is the annual re-growth rate, which enables periodic harvesting without harming the crop. On the contrary, the more it is cut, the more it tends to spread.

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Bamboo products:

There are many building materials currently made of bamboo, such as prefabricated structural panels, ideal for facilitating the assembly of entire houses within hours.

With industrialization processes, it is also possible to make laminates, plywood, and different woods, used by various companies in the manufacture of floors, coverings, panels, and furniture.

Bamboo has many technical advantages such as lightness, natural beauty, unique finish, durability, ease of use and strength.

Constructive systems:

Several building systems can use bamboo. The simplest, but no less efficient, is its fresh or plump use. Countries like Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Indonesia, and India have structures designed and built using plump bamboo.

Bamboo is such a special material that it allows the use of different shapes and together with various materials such as bamboo and earth, bamboo and cement and bamboo and glass.

Another way to use bamboo fences is by changing its shape. With proper knowledge, the circular appearance can be changed for bamboo mats, which still have all the fibers and, as a result, much of the physical-mechanical resistance, but with greater flexibility.

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