Laser Micromachining And Engraving Services


The technology involved in engravings has nevertheless evolved with the advent of modern methods being used in the process. Micromachining and Laser Engraving are the most popular techniques in use today. Let's examine what the methods can achieve, especially in recent times.

What are Micromachining and Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving and micromachining are specialized techniques used in marking and creation of all kinds of images on diverse objects and surfaces. Technically speaking, both methods are known as Surface or Laser Micromachining. They are now being used in all types of productions.

Major services

In recent times, Laser Micromachining is used in making all kinds of services available, especially in the technological and industrial sectors. The services that could be rendered through the process include laser precision cutting, laser precision welding, laser marking and engraving, laser polishing and hardening, and so on. It all depends on the specific service you require. All you need is to visit

Major Tools Used

When it comes to the processes involved in micromachining and laser engraving, there are special tools that are usually engaged. These include lasers, sheet metals, wielding tools, and so on. Lasers are generally very versatile and flexible. They are wonderful tools that emit focused beam light. They also utilize certain substances in absorbing electromagnetic energy during all kinds of engraving processes.

Benefits of Micromachining

Laser Micromachining provides a lot of advantages, especially for the technological and industrial markets. The mechanism leads to the success of different companies that regularly make use of it in achieving all kinds of objectives and purposes. The method provides cost-effective services and solutions like laser cutting, laser drilling, laser welding, laser marking, polishing, engraving, etc.

Typical instances of Applications

Various applications could be produced through micromachining techniques. These may include laser micro-drilling and cutting of polyimide Kapton and rubbers, laser cutting of stainless steel surfaces such as aluminum, coppers, silicon wafer, nickels, and so on. The techniques could also be used in laser drilling of tubes, needles, and injection nozzles. It is also used in laser welding of aluminum alloys, laser welding of thin foils, tubes and disks, laser transmission welding of plastics, laser cutting of glasses, laser polishing and hardening of steel surfaces, laser marking of matrix 2D, etc. In all, the list of what could be achieved through micromachining or laser engraving is endless. Both processes and techniques have always remained forces to reckon with in the modern technological world. Micromachining is indeed a unique method involved in all kinds of laser processes. For top laser cutting services in California, contact Laserod Technologies.

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