Here's How Fathers Should Deal With All The Allegations In A Child Custody Battle

Whenever a child custody matter goes to court, there is always the possibility that there will be false charges and allegations launched at the unsuspecting father. Many women in rage and despair will use this opportunity to cast a long, deadly shadow on the father's character.

While real abuse does occur, the problem in this situation is these allegations can be heaved without the woman having actually to prove any of it. All your Ex has to do is make an allegation of either domestic abuse or sexual molestation, and the dad will be hit with a ton of stones by the courts.

This is a common ploy used by tricky Ex to prevent custody being given or kept by the father. If you react violently, you will only cloud the issue, and nothing will get solved, but on the other hand, if you remain too calm, you will seem guilty.

It may seem like there is no answer. But it's best to leave to the experienced child custody attorney to handle, as they have seen and dealt with similar situations.

Many times you have only your word to prove you didn't do it, and she doesn't have to prove you did. She only has to cast doubt on the court's way, and the ball is rolling. But you don't have to take any of it sitting down, an experienced, able child custody attorney by your side will make a world of difference.

While no one likes to think they will go through being accused, it happens all too often. Being aware that it can happen and hiring a top child custody attorney is a step in the right direction in the battle for your integrity and custody of your children.

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