Is Mediation The Best Choice In Divorce? And How Does It Work?

Mediation can often resolve problems and complications arising from a difficult situation of divorce. It helps ease both of you into a smooth separation. You still need to have some stuff up your sleeve to get the best scenario for yourself and your children.

It's invariably a great idea to do your analysis before heading straight into the meeting room. Time is money, so don't waste precious minutes and hours by not knowing what you want and going in with the wrong attitude.

Here are a few dos and don'ts for mediation:

1. Do put your children's needs first.

2. Do consider their unique needs according to their age, character, and educational development.

3. Do separate your child support payment and other divorce issues from child custody negotiation in the session.

4. Do acknowledge your ex-partner's parenting strengths when the opportunity comes up - it shows you are a willing team player in your kids' care, even though you are divorced.

5. Do bring with you a personal calendar of your work schedule, holidays, and the children's timetable of activities.

6. Do prepare your own proposal for a child custody time-sharing plan.

7. Don't withhold your children to punish your ex-spouse.

8. Don't be combative with your ex-spouse in these meetings. Although you are in a challenging situation, bring a fair, business-like attitude with you.

9. Don't hide valid concerns about the other parent's ability to care for the children in certain areas or situations.

Family conflicts can be painful, distressing, and overwhelming. However, before making a move on divorce, child custody, child care, adoption, or any other important legal issues, it would be wise to obtain the right advice. To get the advice needed to make smart, intelligent decisions affecting you and your children's life, call the Law Office of Fizer Law at 1-562-270-9944, the Best Divorce Lawyer in Long Beach, CA.

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