The advantages of recording your products with a laser

Engraving on metals, plastics or crystals has never been so quick, easy and personalized. This thanks to fiber-optic Engraving services.We have designed a series of machines that can record different types of materials at high speeds and different depths. Our line of branding iron engravers will allow you to record almost any material.

What can an optical fiber laser engrave?

The marking or engraving of metals and other materials without even touching them is a great advantage for different industries. In, we produce high-speed machines with great precision. Being able to record from Gold, platinum, silver, brass, stainless steel, copper, titanium, aluminum, plastics, fabrics, wood, glass, leather, among other materials.

The durability of its engraving is total compared to other ink engraving techniques. No need for chemical solvents, no need to design stamping screens beforehand from Corel or photoshop to engraving in just an instant.

Another of the great advantages of steel marking stamps is that it can never be removed either by the sun or by the water or by the same wear or use of the piece of material, this makes the engraving for life, something that does not always happen with the recording by pad printing.

Recorded at high speeds:

High-speed wood branding iron without deforming or altering materials is one of the great advantages of fiber optic or galvanic machines. Installing them on production lines has never been easier.

Engraving on different materials:

Control panel engravedon different materials, from fabrics, metals, wood, plastics among many others, the advantages of having a fiber optic machine open a window of engraving possibilities.

An indelible mark:

Any marking that you do with a laser of galvanic etching or optical fiber or UV cannot be eliminated either by the sun or by the Aug even in many cases or by the acid or corroding.

The advantages of laser cut stencils over other types of printing using high-speed ink are large and can be applied to different packaging or customization and design industries of different objects in different materials and different industries.

Today, new technologies have extended the use of lasers in many fields. Large companies with industrial and non-industrial activities use the custom branding iron, ornament or cut all kinds of materials. Organic materials, ceramics, glass, rubber or metals can be treated with laser.

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