What does architecture design and interior design take into account when working on a project?

When you are planning for building construction, there are certain points you need to take into consideration. Of course the currents of the time, fashion, technological and technical advances, materials and construction tools, other works, etc. will be taken into account.

Also, the history of art and the different currents seen over the centuries are taken into account, and the needs that the project presents, as well as the objectives of the architectural work itself.

As a branch of home interior design focused on architecture, it will take into account other factors such as creativity, the natural and physical environment in which the space to be developed, the work itself, the final objectives, etc.

As for the simple house design and creation part, it will take into account and start from basic principles, such as the unity and harmony of the work, the rhythm which is the repetition of elements that follow each other.

Within the order, we include elements such as color and its different study, the appreciable texture with sight and touch, the figure of the work itself, the size it presents and many other related elements that participate in that order.

That is why it requires great academic training and continuous study. Because it is not a job that anyone can do and requires a lot of experience and knowledge on the subject.

Architecture, like literature, sculpture, painting or music, is included in the list of the types of art existing in our culture, and its design is paramount, not only for the artistic and creative part, but also by the technique that gives it all its complexity, usefulness, correct implementation and resistance to meet the requirements.

What does interior design include?

We could talk about this relationship with the science that studies human behavior and its activity, sociology, and psychology, but it is much more what interior decoration entails and there are other professional branches or skills and knowledge required by an expert in this sector.

In the first place, we can comment that it implies a series of projects and works linked between that complement and complete to guarantee the comfort of the space, its habitability, its adaptability for a series of functions or activities.

Of course, it also includes the practical work and the workforce with which you will implement the decisions you make for space and its design and also includes the monitoring and evaluation of the final result to ensure that everything has come out just as It was expected and is satisfactory for customers and businesses.

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