What is criminal record cancellation?

Those convicted who have extinguished their criminal responsibility have the right to obtain from the Ministry of Justice Canada or at the request of a party.

Once we know what the criminal record Canada is, we can study the requirements to exercise our right to remove the criminal record.

Requirements for cancellation of criminal records:

The requirements for the cancellation of the criminal record can be complicated for those who do not engage in Criminal Law, so our criminal lawyers like Canadian pardon services, tell you what you should know before starting this procedure.

If the requirements are met, the cancellation of the background is simple, but the deadlines can be complicated to compute if we do not know what kind of penalty we have been imposed by a court decision.

We will see the requirements for this criminal record cancellation.

On many occasions Remove criminal record is difficult to determine whether we are facing a serious penalty, a less serious penalty or a light penalty.

How long does it take to clear the criminal record?

The question is usually common in the office about how long it takes to clear the criminal record of the Ministry of Justice. The time it takes to erase the criminal record is very short, according to the Data Protection regulations, this procedure should be immediate.

We must take into account that the deadlines may be extended for some time, within the normal operation of the Administration.

Therefore, if you are an opponent and you are going to present yourself to an opposition contest, this procedure should be done as soon as possible so as not to be excluded from the opposition.

What does it mean not to have a criminal record?

Not having a criminal record means that at present there is no record of the commission of any crime and compliance with the associated penalty.

Our Criminal Law is based on the idea of ​​social reintegration, so these criminal records can be eliminated once the sentence has been completed and the deadline for cancellation is over.

How long does it take to obtain the criminal record certificate?

In case of having the necessary documentation, the obtaining of the criminal record certificate is immediate and is delivered in the act within the offices of the Ministry of Justice destined to this procedure.

If you want Criminal record check Canada, do not hesitate to consult Pardons services Canada.

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