Over 1,000 Ukrainian combat veterans commit suicide since 2014


As Russia’s war in Donbas enters its fifth year, it is taking soldiers’ lives not just at the front, but when they return home, exhausted and traumatized by battle. Since 2014, at least 1,000 Ukrainian combat veterans have committed suicide due to post-traumatic stress disorder, accor...


As state efforts fall short, activists fight for Ukrainians imprisoned in Russia


In December 2017, the Ukrainian government released 233 prisoners in return for 73 captives held by Russian-led forces in the Donbas. It was among the largest prisoner swaps in over three years of war, and a major victory for Ukraine. But there is another group of prisoners with less clear chance...


112.ua: Mobile network in occupied part of Luhansk region restored


Mobile network provider Vodafone Ukraine reported that the signal over the militant-held part of Luhansk region has been restored. The State Emergency Service tweeted this on April 23. The report about communication network breakdown appeared on April 24 morning; Vodafone’s administration a...