Ukrenergo: Ukraine's power grids ready for winter


CEO of the operator of the Ukrainian integrated power grids Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk says the country is ready for the 2017-2018 autumn and winter period, according to the company's Facebook page.


"All the measures [to ensure technical readiness and carry out the repair campaign] have been fully implemented. Not all thermal power units have completed their repairs, but they proceed in keeping with schedule. No technical problems in the grid are expected both in the transmission network and generation facilities," he said.

According to Kovalchuk, there will be no problems in autumn and winter if the power generation companies stick to the schedules of anthracite accumulation at storage facilities of thermal power plants (TPPs).

"As was the case in two previous years, we have critically low coal reserves this year. However, we do not expect significant problems given that this is the third year in a row and we have gained considerable experience," he added.

Ukrenergo denies possible electricity supply to CrimeaAs UNIAN reported earlier, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said on September 6 that Ukraine would adequately start and pass the 2017-2018 heating season since the country had accumulated enough natural gas reserves and would provide consumers with heat and electricity.

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion said earlier that Ukraine had to accumulate 1.8 million tonnes of anthracite and 2-2.2 million tonnes of gas coal by the middle of October 2017 to pass the next heating season.

According to the Ukrainian Energy and Coal Ministry, 1.5 million tonnes of coal had been stored at the TPPs' warehouses as of September 8 with the minimum required being of 2.6 million tonnes.

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