PM Groysman: No plans to run for president


Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman does not plan to run for president during the next election and does not see himself in that office, according to Channel 112.

Photo from UNIAN
Groysman says he feels effectiveness in the executive branch of power / Photo from UNIAN

"I have already said that I feel my effectiveness in the executive branch of power, so I doesn't have any of such plans," the prime minister said in an interview with Channel 112.

PM Groysman says Ukraine loses over 16% of GDP due to Russian aggression"We've managed to stabilize the situation in the country and made the economy grow despite the serious challenges of territorial integrity," he said in a follow-up tweet after the interview.

"We can borrow experience, [invite] experts from other countries, but I believe that we ourselves are building our own home, and these are the Ukrainians themselves who will have to build Ukraine," he said.

"We must become a great European state not in size, but in essence. The key task is to develop our potential," he added.

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