Akhmetov's DTEK cuts electricity, coal output in 2017


However, the company's electricity exports last year grew by 25.5%, to almost 5 billion kWh, while coal exports fell by 43.9%, to 748,000 tonnes, according to a report published on DTEK's website.

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DTEK's coal production over the period under review shrank by 11.3%, to 27.7 million tonnes from 31.25 million tonnes in 2016. At the same time, the company produced 22.9 million tonnes of coal gas in 2017 (8.2% up from 2016), while output of A (anthracite) and T (semi-anthracite) types of coal dropped by 52.5% over the period under review, to 4.8 million tonnes.

Read alsoUkrainian energy industry: thorny road of reform"Production of anthracite coal has decreased. In March 2017, DTEK lost control over DTEK Sverdlovanthracite LLC, DTEK Rovenkyanthracite LLC, DTEK Mine Komsomolets Donbasa PJSC and Mospino Coal Preparing Enterprise LLC as it considers the demand to re-register those companies on the temporarily uncontrolled territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions unacceptable," the report said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, DTEK in 2016 increased electricity output by 4.7% to 40 billion kWh, whereas its coal production grew by 8.9% to 31.3 million tonnes.

UNIAN memo. DTEK is Ukraine's largest private vertically integrated energy company, which is part of the financial and industrial SCM (System Capital Management) Group. DTEK's coal segment includes DTEK Pavlohradvuhillia (consisting of 10 mines), DTEK Dobropilliavuhillia (five mines), DTEK Mine Komsomolets Donbasa, DTEK Rovenkyanthracite (six mines and three enrichment plants) DTEK Sverdlovanthracite (five mines and three enrichment plants), Bilozerska mine, and five enrichment plants. The company owns nine out of 14 thermal power plants in Ukraine.